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So this weekend was...retarded, but fun. Elly and I spent pretty much all day since Thursday together playing MVC3, thanks to the ability of certain outlets we know to get the game early. The game is amazing and it was a lot of fun, and I'll be honest, playing it earlier than most only seemed to make it more fun, like it was winning a prize or something.

Anyway, on Saturday we went to dinner after hanging with Nurlock for a bit and playing MVC3. While we were at the restaurant (A place called Royal Thai that we frequent a lot) we overheard some 'special' conversation. It wasn't really eavesdropping--the way the building is laid out, a moderately loud conversation is easy to hear, and the table was right on top of us, basically.

The first set was an old man apparently trying to impress an old lady, talking about IT'S AN 11 MILE TRACK WITH 5 TURNS IN IT, apparently talking about race cars, and I guess not understanding why she didn't care. Then he proceeded to say that he was going to GET HIS HIP REPLACED BEFORE THE RACE, and it just sort of made me picture a sad, old Speed Racer trying to pick up chicks.


After they left, a younger man and woman sat down behind us. They were talking casually, and it seemed like they were maybe on a date of some sort, not a particularly long into to the relationship one, but a date, and somehow he started talking about how he found a YELLOW HAIR and joked I GUESS I'M SUPER SAIYAN! to which I and Elly both sort of made this face:

After that exchange, he continued with this gem:

"I have an affinity for Vegeta. Because you know, Goku always was so nice about everything and a nice guy about fighting, but Vegeta was such a primal guy who always just beat things to a pulp! Even though he wasn't as strong as Goku he always approached it like he was the best and he never left anything behind! That's totally like me."

Elly commented that the man probably would crumple like a card table in a fight, and I agreed. Then, she stated:

"You know, I share an affinity with Galactus, because when I'm hungry, I eat, and he's always eating. And whenever he wants to eat, he does, just like I'm doing now."

I asked her if her fork were the Silver Surfer, to which she replied:

"Yes. I hunger for this potato."

She stabbed the potato and ate it.

"Well done, my Herald."
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